This is the story of how we took everything we knew about running, pulled it apart, and started all over. Because what is running, if not the search for something new and different? We wanted to develop a footwear concept that would truly drive the sport forward. As adidas Runners captain Jessie Zapo puts it, “We’re always thinking: ‘How do you make running new again? How do you keep it avant-garde?’”


In the spirit of endless improvement, we assembled a group of 4,000 Creators to collectively reimagine what running could be. “Creators are not just creative people, but people who aim to evolve running for and with adidas,” says Kathi Hoffman, adidas Runners Captain. Our goal was to leave behind the conventions of the past and work alongside Creators to discern a powerful future for running. Together, we set out on a new path of discovery - until the answers began to emerge.

The voice of the Creators was loud and clear. Historically, running has been seen as a solo pursuit, but that image is fading. A new era is here, with run crews establishing themselves in cities all over the world to challenge and inspire each other to unplug treadmills, explore new routes, personally transform and pay their findings forward.


Our co-creation process was designed to hone in on what the new wave of Creators wants, needs and dreams for the shoes that will carry them into the next phase of their running - and the sport’s new way. The first step was to take the first generation of Ultraboost and tear it apart at the seams. “We had to rethink everything we thought we knew about creating running footwear,” explains Roy Williamson, Footwear Developer at adidas.

We wanted to see what worked and what could be improved. The original Ultraboost concept was loved for its unprecedented comfort and unmistakable design - revolutionizing the category. But nothing is without room for improvement and iteration, so we stripped back the existing 17 components, piece by piece, until we were left with just four critical features. We then spent our time enhancing each component until we were happy that they would genuinely redefine running performance.

Ultimately, we wanted to create the most responsive running shoe we’ve ever made. Ultraboost 19 would be minimal in components, but large on ambition. It would be a shoe for the legends, the newbies, the aspiring pros; a shoe for the underground run crews who set the city streets ablaze at night; a shoe that performs on any surface: track, asphalt, sidewalk, trail; a shoe to serve as the vehicle to keep running pacing, striving and evolving.


The reimagined upper on Ultraboost 19 is seamlessly woven together to create a second skin. “The upper of the Ultraboost shoe is defined by Primeknit technology,” says Roy Williamson, “It made sense when we were developing a new shoe that we would write a new chapter of Primeknit.” We call it Primeknit 360: a re-engineered fabric that’s both flexible and strong, providing targeted support where runners need it most.


This we know: running is about creating energy. The original Boost concept was to capture the energy that goes into every foot strike and blast it right back—creating a positive feedback loop between runner and shoe. For the Ultraboost 19, we optimised the midsole to provide 20% more Boost in a lighter package. “It really is the next level of Ultraboost,” says Heiko Schlarb, Director of Future Sport Science at adidas.


In keeping with our drive to constantly innovate, the new Tuned Torsion Spring of Ultraboost 19 was created with longer blades than any previous Ultraboost torsion bar. “This allows us to create an optimised level of flexibility in the forefoot, and torsion-ability in the midfoot,” explains Heiko Schlarb. Each time the foot is planted on the surface, the Tuned Torsion Spring works alongside the Optimised Boost midsole to generate a surge of propulsion back into the runner’s stride.


The radically engineered 3D Heel Frame on Ultraboost 19 is the perfect material counterpoint to the soft, sock-like feel of the Primeknit 360. “We reduced it to the essentials,” says Roy Williamson, explaining what makes the core-free 3D Heel Frame such a game changer. The frame holds the ankle in place while allowing for the natural expansion of the heel. “It’s designed to create the ultimate in adaptability and support during your run.”


From 4,000 Creators to 4 key components: Ultraboost 19 is here. And, with its unrivalled package of reboosted features and fit, it’s ready for the new era of running. The time is now to lace up and stride into the future with a renewed sense of purpose and creativity.