How to Lace Your Football Boots

It’s important to know the best way to lace up football boots so your feet stay locked in throughout the game and you’re less prone to injury.


Once you’ve found yourself comfortable football, footy or soccer boots, and are about to hit the pitch, the last thing to sort is the laces. Tie them right with our top tips, allowing you to concentrate on the win.


Lacing Instructions

Read our tips and tricks below for the best way to lace football boots so you can stay focused on the game.


  1. Thread the laces: Thread the laces through all the holes along your foot up to the second to last holes.
  2. Thread the last two holes on the same side: The top shoelace holes on each side of your foot are designed to ensure your feet don’t move around within your boots during play. Thread the last shoelace hole on the same side facing inwards so it creates a loop. Use this inward lace to keep your feet from sliding around.
  3. Cross your laces: Begin tying your laces by crossing your laces and pulling one lace under and through (or over and through) the other. Pull tight.
  4. Loop any excess: If you have long laces, wrap any excess shoelace around your foot under your arch and pull tight.
  5. Tie your laces: Tie up the laces as normal with two loops.
  6. Tuck the excess: Push the excess laces into the top of your shoes between your ankles and the side of your shoes.


  • Loosely tie your shoelaces: Running with loose laces is one of the easiest ways to injure yourself. Make sure you stay in the game with laces are done up tight without any loose loops or dangling ends.
  • Use laces that are ripped in any places: If laces have a rip, they can easily break when pulled on or stepped on. You don’t want laces to break during a footy game so ensure they are in good working order so you can keep your eye on the goal and not on your feet.


Here are a few more tips for keeping your football boots in good condition:


Shorter Laces: Laces are available in different lengths. If you’re having trouble lacing up long laces around your boots or if they get in the way of your running, look into getting new shorter laces.

Wrap differently: Sometimes people feel tension when they loop the excess laces around the arch of their foot. If you ever feel pain from wrapping your laces like this, try lacing the excess shoelaces under the heel of your football shoes.


Once your feet are comfortable and laced up right in your footy boots, it’s time to tackle the final challenge – your competition. Shop for adidas football boots.