Recycled Clothes

Recycled clothes are an essential way to conserve natural resources and reduce our impact on the planet. As we move further into the 21st century adidas has an ever-growing range of recycled clothes that sacrifices nothing in the way of quality.

Recycled clothes: make an ethical decision about what you wear

It’s more important now than ever before to make a meaningful impact to protect the environment. One factor in our ecological footprint is what we wear and where the materials come from, which is where the adidas line of recycled clothing comes into the picture. This sustainable collection strives to make a difference by producing premium quality apparel from sources such as PET plastic bottles. Reusing goods that have already been formed ensures that the resources and associated emissions required for manufacturing are significantly decreased. Take a step towards saving the planet by making an ethical decision about what you wear.

Engineered for performance

Garments in the adidas collection of recycling clothing provide just the same amount of comfort and performance as their non-recycled counterparts. adidas engages in rigorous testing and product development to deliver dependable fabrics such as recycled polyester. Available in a range of threads including tricot, fleece, doubleknit and plain weave, polyester offers versatile wear. Pieces made from these fabrics are able to keep you warm when the weather turns foul and will allow ventilation during exercise too, meaning recycled clothing is set to become your favourite sportswear material. This gear is also easy to wash in a machine and retains its shape through tough wear.

Feel snug from head to toe

The diverse range of adidas recycled clothes lets you stay comfortable in all areas. Products include t-shirts, tracksuits, swimwear, trousers and tights that can be matched together or worn as singular items. adidas has also used high-performance technology to produce tailored recycled clothing for football, yoga, running, tennis, basketball, boxing and volleyball. Casual day-to-day apparel is available for lounging on the sofa or heading to the park too. Designs feature sleek details such as the iconic Trefoil logo and retro patterns. With styles for women, men and youth, everyone can make an impact in a perfect fit.