adidas x Wanderlust collection

A new eco-innovative collection inspired by the beauty of mother nature.

A mindful adventure

Discover new ways to move in unique colour palettes that celebrate the natural greenery of the forest and the warm summer sunset.

Meet The Ambassadors

Learn more about the faces behind the collection.

"Like the waves in the ocean, we are constantly changing and shifting. The pieces in this collection allow me to be a superhero when I need to be."

ADRIENE MISHLER — mindfulness expert, yogi, and collection ambassador

"It seems minor, but functional clothing is key when doing the yoga I specialise in. You want to feel confident that your clothes will stay where they should and not add any unnecessary distractions."

CHELSEY KORUS — yogi and founder of AWAKE

"The adidas x Wanderlust collection feels like body armour to me – once you get on your mat or go for a run, everything else fades away."

ANGELIQUE FREDERICKS — yoga instructor and collection ambassador

“I've always been a late summer sunset lover, which is why the collection's colour palette makes me feel free. To me, yoga is an art and I love the peaceful moments you have on your mat.”

CLIO PAJCZER — yoga teacher and collection ambassador

Power and Strength

The training and yoga collection is dedicated to a community of women who are cultivating their best selves in feminine, lightweight and supportive gear.

Experience The Magic of Wanderlust

Choose your mindful adventure. Embark on a journey at a Wanderlust 108 event with kindred spirits who want to grow and explore new horizons together.


adidas x Wanderlust

Wanderlust is here to inspire a healthy lifestyle through mindful adventures. Together with adidas, this unique collaboration takes you on a path toward finding your best self. The collection is versatile and can be worn in the studio, on the streets or deep within nature.