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Turbocharge your drive for excellence on the field of play with a few pieces courtesy of adidas Boost sale. These kinetic fundamentals are driven by some of our most advanced tech, such as a Stabilizing Torsion System for dynamic midfoot support and unique Solar Propulsion Rails, which revolutionise every step you take. Imagine the tremendous advantages of these innovations during training and competition, then relish the thought that all this can be yours for a fraction of the original price. Do you feel like a winner today?

Boost sale event: the spirited experience of boundless enthusiasm

Responsive cushioning that transfers energy back to the foot while providing the consummate balance between comfort and support. Don’t sweat yourself trying to wrap your head around that, the important bit is knowing that all the products in our Boost sale promotion event can radically alter the way you perform. Replace your cares about long hours on the trot at school or the office with the experience of boundless enthusiasm. Channel that feeling, let it feed your inner glow and savor the satisfaction from taking advantage of the Boost sale which made it all possible.

Our Boost clearance event will make you giddy

Step. Stride. Bounce. Repeat. No, it’s not a kid’s game, but you will feel giddy like a kid at play when you check out the eye-popping bargains in our Boost clearance sale. Speaking of which, we’ve included an assortment of children’s footwear in our collection, so the entire family can get in on the act. Turn weekend family time at the park or out on the town into something extraordinary, and when you’re flying solo pass the time admiring your stomps, calculating how to spend your amazing savings and counting the amount of times you bounce as you go.