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“There’s no activity too vigorous for our winning FASTIMPACT LUXE RUN HIGH-SUPPORT BRA”, say Runner’s World experts. Designed to stabilise your breasts and minimise bouncing – accredited by the leading publications Women's Health, Good Houskeeping Institute and Runner’s World.
Model wears adidas bra
Model wears adidas bra
Model wears addias Bras and Leggings collection

I love sports bras that are supportive, but I also want them to look cute! I don't want a sports bra that makes me look like I'm wearing just a bra.

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Sports Bras

Get the support you need to crush your next workout with adidas women’s sports bras. For your active lifestyle, a regular bra just won’t cut it. You need exercise bras that can handle the intensity of a HIIT class, hug your body through a yoga flow, and let you move freely on whatever field you’re on. Alphaskin sports bra fabrics are formfitting for a locked-in feel and made to move through whatever activity you have planned. Sweat-wicking technology keeps you dry so you can go even harder during your training session. Adjustable straps and removable pads offer even more customization for the ideal fit from sport to sport, workout to workout. Choose from high, medium and light support depending on your level of activity. For exercises focused on smooth mobility, low-impact bras move with you easily. On the basketball court, in the boxing ring, or on your morning run, high-impact sports bras minimize bounce so you stay focused on performing your best. Emphasize your creativity and highlight your style with bold designs featuring exciting graphics and vibrant colors.