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When running is your passion, you plan for the next run, the next race, the next PR. adidas running clothing helps you find your flow and helps make your best run possible. Running apparel from adidas is designed to help you move without restriction and train without distraction. Because when you feel good, everything else starts to fall into place. Running shorts made with moisture-wicking and ventilating fabric keep you cool and focused mile after mile. Compression shirts and pants support your muscles as you run, which can help to reduce next-day soreness. Running tights keep your stride smooth come rain, snow or biting wind. Complete your running outfit with a t-shirt or tank that feels soft on your skin. For chilly weather, throw on a windbreaker or hoodie that will keep you warm while allowing moisture to escape to keep you dry as you heat up. Shop adidas running attire to feel unstoppable in gear made for the sport you love.

Frequently Asked Questions About adidas Running Clothes

What are the best clothes for running? 

The best clothes for running will depend on the temperature and weather conditions you are running in, but you should always focus on clothes that provide comfort, durability, and flexibility. You should also look for running clothing designed to be breathable, reflective and chafe-free. Synthetic materials will provide the best quick-drying, moisture-wicking and heat retention capabilities while remaining lightweight and unrestrictive. Another benefit of these materials is they offer good protection from weather conditions, moisture and wear and tear from various terrains. Don’t forget to look for storage pockets that can fit essential items without disrupting your workout.  

Why shouldn't you run in cotton? 

While cotton can be comfortable for short runs, it is not an ideal fabric to run in because it traps moisture against the skin, which can lead to skin irritation, blistering and chafing. Plus, the added absorption causes you to feel hot & sweaty in warm conditions and cold & damp in lower temperatures. To make matters worse, cotton is typically heavier than synthetic materials and the weight increases dramatically when wet. It’s also a very slow-drying material and does not offer the same performance properties as synthetic fibers. 

Should I wear a jacket while running? 

The right running jacket can make a big difference to your performance. They are recommended in certain types of temperatures, weather conditions, terrains and other environmental exposures. Jackets provide protection from the elements, blocking out wind and rain while offering heat retention against cold weather, reflectivity in low-light situations, and storage for smaller essentials. Altogether, jackets can provide runners physical and psychological benefits. It’s important that running jackets be made of synthetic materials that are moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable and durable so your running performance is not compromised in challenging climate conditions.