Men's Running Shorts: Bestsellers, Track, Jogging Shorts

adidas men's running shorts keep you fast without the friction. Sleek, secure, and sweat-free, with ventilated design and moisture-wicking fabric. Go for a personal best with a pair of adidas running shoes.

adidas Men’s Running Shorts

Let nothing hold you back in men’s running shorts from adidas. They’re made of breathable fabric and designed with a secure elastic waistband and sleek fit to help reduce friction, whether you’re on the track, treadmill or trail. Our men’s short running shorts are cut above the knee, while longer designs give you more coverage and a relaxed fit. Some styles are designed with split hems for extra freedom of movement. Depending on your needs, you can find adidas men’s track shorts with temperature- and moisture-regulating features like ventilated HEAT.RDY and AEROREADY to wick away sweat, maintain dryness and keep you cool. Zip pockets on some styles provide a secure place to stash keys, cards or gels. Some designs are made with high-performance recycled materials as part of our commitment to help end plastic waste. Shop adidas for men's running shorts you can wear during warm weather and high-intensity runs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Men's Running Shorts

What is the best length for men’s running shorts?

Men's Running Shorts: Bestsellers, Track, Jogging Shorts Frequently Asked Questions

The best length for men’s running shorts depends on your preference. The inseam length on running shorts generally ranges from about three to nine inches. An inseam of five inches or less allows for freedom of movement and airflow but provides less coverage from the sun. Seven- to nine-inch shorts give more coverage but might chafe the skin or feel restrictive, especially on longer runs. A popular choice is five-inch shorts, which offer mobility and airflow with comfortable coverage.
Men’s running shorts can be tight or loose, depending on your needs. Loose running shorts are ideal for runners who want a breezier feel and don’t need muscle compression. Tight running shorts that fit right help avoid chafing. They have a second-skin feel, allowing free movement while supporting muscles. Two-in-one shorts offer both options: tight-fitting inner shorts plus loose-fitting outer shorts. The inner shorts should fit snugly, and the outer shorts should be loose enough so you can move freely.
Men’s running shorts have liners to offer support and help avoid chafing. Liners also can take the place of underwear. They’re more breathable and lightweight than typical underwear, helping to circulate air and avoid chafing from sweat build-up. Longer liners can be boxer or brief length and provide compression support for muscles. They also keep your muscles warmer on runs when the weather's cool.