Climalite Shorts

Breeze past the competition by suiting up in breathable adidas Climalite shorts. Sweat-wicking fabrics keep you dry and comfortable, so you can channel your focus where it matters.
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adidas Climalite shorts

Swing your legs more freely than ever before. This comprehensive collection of adidas Climalite shorts has been engineered to maximise freedom of movement with lightweight, breathable designs. A fundamental ingredient in these models is their ability to offer consistent ventilation so that your legs feel fresh underneath. Mesh inserts feature along side panels, inner thighs and at the base of the spine to direct airflow to targeted areas. Revel in the glory of being cooled down as you put in the hard yards. adidas Climalite shorts hang close to your thighs and waist to deliver a snug fit. This proximity allows the quick-drying fabrics to soak up sweat and draw heat away from the legs.

Stay on top of your game

With your skin feeling comfortable and free from the frustration that sweat can bring, you can narrow your focus on what’s ahead. Whether you're focused on the competition or your personal best time, you’ll be equipped to lift the standard. adidas Climalite shorts are made with synthetic materials such as polyester and elastane that enhance performance. You can do your part in helping to protect the environment as well, by choosing designs made with recycled polyester. adidas Climalite shorts will stay right where you want them to as you jump and run too, thanks to elastic waists that can be fastened with drawcords.

Match to suit your style

adidas Climalite shorts come in a variety of shapes including above the knee, short-cut shorts and leggings. Dual-layered models featuring attached inners are also available. Whether you plan on wearing them on the football pitch or in the yoga studio, there’s a tailored style waiting for you. Sport-specific designs also cover running, basketball, tennis, boxing, handball and volleyball. The adidas Climalite shorts range offers a trendy appearance that is both minimalist and modern. Pairing easily with other workout gear, you can transition from the gym to a social setting without any fuss.