Green Tracksuits


Go green with adidas khaki green tracksuits. Whether you need an extra warm layer for winter training or you're hanging out in town, khaki green tracksuits are equal parts fashion statement and comfort.

green tracksuits

Check out our latest hip range of khaki green tracksuits. They make excellent loungewear as well as outfit you can wear to training or classes. The khaki green tracksuit top offers an extra layer of warmth, perfect for evenings all year round. Eco-friendly designers have even thought of using recycled materials and avoiding waste by choosing recycled polyester as a main material, so go ahead and be a trendsetter in your new outfit. Other star materials include plush French terry – why not treat yourself with this gorgeous soft fabric? These sleek khaki green tracksuits will not only last you a long time but will never be described as dated. Always iconic, adidas have made sure these tracksuits are made with quality and style in mind. Perfect for aspiring athletes, sports enthusiasts and professionals alike, our relaxed fit and elastic hems won’t inhibit your movements. Watch your performance improve instantly with your enhanced freedom of movement in these stylish and cleverly thought-through garments.

What to pair with

These khaki green tracksuits can be worn to training as active wear or even to college as a fashion statement – their versatility knows no bounds. Layer with our cotton t-shirts for warmth and team with a pair of socks and trendy sneakers for a sleek, sporty look you can’t go wrong with. Alternatively, pair with our sandals if you choose to wear your tracksuit by the pool as a painless and hassle-free option to slip on over your swimwear. The comfort is undeniable – just be careful that you don’t neglect other items in your wardrobe! These tracksuits also make an excellent travel companion. Lightweight to pack and offering unbeatable comfort, you can choose to wear them or take them with you on long journeys. Achieve success while looking the part in your new adidas tracksuit.