Our range of Lionel Messi soccer boots sees our most advanced boot technologies blended together for the ultimate in performance.


What better way to channel your inner Messi than by sporting a pair of adidas Messi boots? Like Lionel Messi, our Messi boots are crafted to help you move around the pitch like a true professional. Messi boots are known for their soft, synthetic upper materials that offer absolute comfort and help you play well even after an extended period of time. The lace closure ensures a snug fit and keeps your feet firmly inside the boots for added mobility and ease of movement. Messi's explosiveness and skills are embodied in the DNA of each Messi boot, so their wearer can feel, look and be inspired to perform on the pitch just like this beloved star.


Our Messi adidas boots come in different designs for every imaginable playing surface. The indoor models feature a rubber outsole that provides tremendous grip, allowing you to move fluidly around the playing area. For those who love artificial grass, a Messi model with an anti-abrasion rubber outsole and soft studs provides outstanding support and agility. The turf ground Messi boots with their rubber outsole are ideal for players who love making unexpected, explosive movements on the pitch. Then there's the firm ground model with torsion rib studs that offer unmatched movement control around the field. Finally, a flexible ground pair of adidas Messi boots with Agility Touch Skin is designed to guarantee crisp footwork and dynamic movements on hard ground, artificial grass and firm ground alike.


adidas Messi boots come in various sizes and designs for children, men and women. Half sizes are also available for those who want a truly perfect-fitting pair of football boots. Such a snug fit is critical in ensuring oustanding comfort, support and energy throughout your practice sessions and those all-important games. Simply put, our adidas Messi boots offer you the chance to perform at your very best every time you step out onto the pitch. Unleash your inner Messi and dominate the opposition with a complete range of Nemeziz football boots. Designed to help you dominate the pitch with unparalleled agility, free flowing movement, and explosive power, adidas Messi football boots put you in the rhythm and flow of the game and help you channel your football power.


Agility bandage designs inspired by sports taping provide full mobility for radical, dynamic play. Laceless construction allows for agile play, whilst creating comfortable compression for support. Agility weave forefoot designs provide a direct touch on the ball, allowing you to feel the ball flow from you and pin down precision plays. Enjoy explosive push-off support from lightweight Torsion frame outsoles and torsion ribs offering our most stable playing platform yet. 


The Messi football boot range has been developed for every playing surface so you can play your best, wherever you are. Artificial grass boots offer a supportive outsole, with soft studs to support every turn on the pitch. Firm ground boots feature our torsion rib studs for solid control on hard surfaces. Indoor boots meanwhile use a specially constructed grippy rubber outsole to let you explode into action on indoor surfaces. Soft ground boots feature a unique stud pattern designed for responsive footwork on wet surfaces. Finally, turf ground boots keep you flowing with a rubber outsole geared for explosive acceleration. 


With men’s, women’s and children’s sizes available, there’s a boot for everyone. Half-sizes ensure you can get the perfect fit, to deliver unrivalled energy, performance-enhancing comfort and reduced slip, so you can be your best on the pitch.