adidas Originals Backpacks


Keep your life on your back with adidas Originals backpacks. Choose from colourful designs and graphic patterns, as well as different sizes and styles of backpack. Whether you're off to school, the office or the gym, there's something for you.

Originals backpacks offer convenience, style and durability

Discover the excellent utility and durability you get with our Originals backpacks. They're available in a wide and very imaginative variety of designs and colors. We have models for adults and kids, each carefully conceived and constructed to play its designated role in your sports or casualwear wardrobe. Handy, small backpacks are perfect when you just have a few things to tote around and also make great kids' accessories. There's enough room for all kinds of daily essentials, while keeping everything really compact and manageable. They have convenient side pockets for water bottles too. Our larger models are designed for proper overnight hikes and also double as multi-purpose carry-alls for travelling. Modern, sleek-looking roll-top backpacks are here too, made from our waterproof and tear-resistant X-Pac material. Inner pockets come in various sizes so that they can take anything from larger items to phones.

Originals backpacks from adidas are built for all purposes

Our Originals backpacks aren't only designed with storage in mind. Some of them also make bold fashion statements, with their shimmery materials and adidas branding. Their smooth silhouettes make them really easy to carry around without any protruding angles that could cause discomfort when you're going on a longer hike. Our backpacks for everyday use come with useful compartments designed to hold specific items and keep them secure and organized. There are laptop compartments built in, for instance, with padded bases to protect your contents. Additional front pockets give you extra space, making them even more convenient and useful. Extra webbing straps on our hiking backpacks allow you to strap extra items like sleeping mats or jackets to the outside so as not to take up any additional space inside. On the other side of the scale you can have nifty mini-backpacks and versatile airliner bags, with strap constructions that let you carry it as a shoulder bag or a briefcase, if you prefer.