adidas OZWEEGO

Enjoy the combination of style and substance with the OZWEEGO collection. Lightweight designs make you feel like you’re walking on air whilst sweat wicking fabric ensures your feet stay dry.

adidas Ozweego

The '90s are never going to go away, no matter how far off from the decade we are. And let's be honest — we wouldn't want them to. Not entirely anyway, if the adidas OZWEEGO shoes have anything to say about it. The adidas OZWEEGO shoes focus on the best of the era, bringing in that bold, unapologetic attitude to the every day with a futuristic design approach. Injected with that '90s DNA, the adidas OZWEEGO takes style in a new direction and reinvents design elements from the original 1998 model, the OZWEEGO 3. The new lightweight and comfortable iteration features our classic Adiprene technology, creating maximum support for the present. Which means that no matter what the day has in store, when you lace into adidas OZWEEGOs, you're set up for the fun unpredictability of the day with total comfort. So your days can turn into nights, or your nights can turn into days. There are no limits with the adidas OZWEEGO shoes. That's the point.

You'll also never mistake the adidas OZWEEGO sneakers. The distinctive signature midsole lines make them impossible to miss, standing out with the fluid, sculpted lines that add in a sense of play to the bold silhouette. They're perfectly bulky, and are always emphasized with different colors, whether those colors are super vibrant or stay more on the mellow side in earth tones. You'll find that the adidas OZWEEGO shoes come in different materials as well, with different levels of smoothness and durability. Regardless of the material or color, you can always rely on the adidas OZWEEGO shoes to make an impression, and to deliver unparalleled comfort. Find the pair of adidas OZWEEGO shoes that are right for you, lace in and do your thing. You can't go wrong with any of the adidas OZWEEGO shoes.