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Blue jackets for women

Our jackets have precisely the styles for you and your requirements, meaning that you are in a position to fulfill your unique potential. With blue jackets for women you'll be well prepared.

Made for creators – adidas blue jackets for women

You will find trends that already have legendary potential in the jacket collections of brands such as Originals, adidas by Stella McCartney or Performance. Looking for the ideal outfit for streetwear or sport? adidas Originals are vital if you want to create a classic retro look. They will help you to redefine style, all the time! Performance represents that added level of motivation and achievement. With adidas by Stella McCartney, you will be showing, while working out or making your way to the gym, that you value style and that you create your own look. Asian Extension is our well-known jacket collection.

Do you want to break and redefine the rules? Fun and self-improvement are both possible with our products for women.

If style and functionality are what you value, you have a wide selection available to you in our range of women's outfits. Whether it's minimalistic sport style or eye-catching updates to the authentic adidas design, the choice is yours.

Blue jackets for women from adidas are your new support – especially if you are ready to surpass your goals from day to day.