Men's Black Shoes

Look slick in adidas men's black shoes, perfect no-nonsense footwear whether you're heading to the gym, out on the track or just hanging out with friends. There's something for everyone in our extensive range of black shoes for men.
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Black Shoes for Men

Black is modest, yet mysterious. Safe, yet sinister. The appeal is timeless, though, and in fashion it’s a neutral that can always be counted on. It slims, it harmonizes, but most importantly, it dignifies then man. Men’s black shoes also have that power. By being a clean, stark contrast it brings out the rest of your outfit and the best of you.


Black means business, and you bring it with our men’s black training shoes. Simple and stark, they say you’re serious about working up a sweat without shouting it. But it’s not all bark, no bite. Underneath the façade are all the performance elements designed to keep your foot comfortable while maximizing its potential.


It’s hard to get it wrong: men’s casual black sneakers are incredibly versatile and pairable with almost any color combination. Dressed up or dressed down, they still give off an effortless cool. Their dark contrast provides a visual weight that demands attention, yet allows the rest of your outfit to shine. Try an all-black look for the ultimate in sophisticated suave.